TL 9000 Safeguard

Design and Development and Time to Market
time-to-market-conceptThe TL 9000 standard can also help to reduce the time-to-market because the design and development phases are shortened, due to more information about the product reliability and performance.

By implementing TL 9000, there is a higher rate of product performance, and with this comes fewer costs associated with re-design and re-development. TL 9000 Metrics may also eliminate the need for defining and replicating reliability data for different customer needs.

Most companies introduce multiple new products and services within an 8-12-month period of time based upon the customer demand and market strategy. The successful introduction of a new product or service into the marketplace must be timed correctly.

If the product or service offering is delayed based upon further analysis of customer needs, a re-design, manufacturing or operational problems, or product performance issues then new sales can be severely reduced.

TL 9000 provides the necessary product introduction platform, reliability data and design and development review structure to help prevent these problems before they begin; therefore, the product or service costs less to get to the market and has the potential for larger sales and revenue. For example, consider this:

Your organization is in the middle of design and development of a new and meaningful telecom product or service to add to your organization’s existing product family or customer services.

During the pre-production release phase of the project, a problem is noted that will send the product or service process back to the initial inception or design and development phase. The introduction of the product or service is delayed. During this delay, another organization releases a similar product or service that is also marketable and less expensive than your organization’s Average Selling Price (ASP).

Now your product or service is not quite new or novel, and will garner fewer sales than if the organization originally released the product or service during the initial time frame. This pre-production misstep causes the organization to lose time and revenue related to:

  • Pre-market Launch – Timing on Alpha or Beta Customer Releases,
  • Sales and Marketing – Entrance product pricing advantages,
  • Initial Ramp-up of New Sales,
  • Existing Channel upgrade Sales,
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) pricing and Support Depot inventory targets.

TL 9000 as your quality management system will give your organization the structure and information necessary to eliminate the aforementioned problems associated with a new product or service introduction.

directing-the-pathProper alignment of the New Product Introduction (NPI) and Design and Development Gate Process activities with regard to clear and complete design and development entrance and exit requirements with adequate process approvals and training can prevent new product or service introduction problems from consistently occurring within your organization.

When senior management in conjunction with engineering, project management, and accounting properly implements a TL 9000 quality management system with design and development metrics Average Sales Price (ASP) expectations can be maintained, and your TL 9000 quality management system contributes to your organization’s overall process control.

We can also help your organization in the preparation stage of TL 9000 certification with the important decisions that must be made to ensure a successful certification. Please give us a call or complete our request for service questionnaire.

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