ISO 9000 Certification: Is it Worth the Effort?

ISO 9000 certification takes commitment and leadership.


Is ISO 9000 certification worth the effort for your company? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. However, it is an important question to ask. As experts in ISO 9000 certification, we have firsthand knowledge of the long-term, benefits of ISO 9000 certification and implementation. We also know it isn’t for everyone.

Key Questions to Ask Before Considering ISO 9000

  • What are the internal expectations at your company and do they align with the goals of certification?
  • Are you a suitable candidate for becoming registered to the ISO 9001 standard?
  • Do you have the resources and team in place to commit to the process and see it through to the end?

The decision to be ISO 9000 compliant should not be made lightly. However, there are many benefits and, in our experience, many of the companies seeking certification are good candidates for a successful outcome. The ISO 9000 Group can provide you with the right action steps for certification success, and guidance to achieve your company’s certification goal.

The Value of ISO 9000

ISO-9000 implementation done correctly can assist in pinpointing the areas within the business where quality-related problems often occur. This is achieved as management defines and documents its operational systems, evaluates potential problems, and implements best practices to prevent problems from recurring. Significant functional areas of the business where problems sometimes occur within the company’s operations can be mapped to the current ISO 9001:2015 standard. These include such activities and processes as:

  • business-growthOrder Administration/Entry (ISO 9001:2015 8.22 – 8.2.4)
  • Customer Communication (ISO 9001:2015 8.2.1)
  • Procurement (ISO 9001:2015 8.4.1 -8.4.3)
  • Engineering (ISO 9001:2015 8.3.1 – 8.3.6)
  • Drawing and Standards Control (ISO 9001:2015 7.5.1 –
  • Operations and/or Production  (ISO 9001:2015 8.5.1 – 8.5.2 and 8.5.6)
  • Final Inspection, Traffic, Distribution, Shipping and Customer Service (ISO 9001:2015 8.5.5 – 8.5.6 and 8.6)

If an organization applies the ISO 9000 standards to define and document its processes, conducts adequate training and implements a quality management system that can be certified by an accredited body or registrar, what is the value? Below are the main benefits that we believe will be realized:

  • Preventive Action and Improvement: Through ISO 9001, you can establish a system to identify, solve and prevent problems, continuously improving your operation.
  • Increased Sales: Studies show that certified companies see positive changes to their top and bottom financial results.
  • Positive Corporate Change: Establishing quality management system provides your staff at all levels with a positive environment and the framework to achieve success in product and service quality.
  • Expanded Markets: New opportunities are identified through the supply-chain review process. ISO 9001:2015 certification provides the front door for your organization to enter, that includes a new community of customers, and the chance to grow your base of new customers once your organization has earned certification. We can show you how to implement this result.
  • Competitive Advantage: As more and more companies achieve certification, those that do not lose the ability to compete. If you are interested in becoming ISO 9001:2015 certified, or would like to learn more about our company’s quality management system support services please, complete our request for service questionnaire, and we will contact your organization to answer any questions you may have.

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