Simple Questions Before Considering Quality Management Training

One of the slight but important shifts in corporate thought that we enable with our training services occurs when the organization is provided with training that begins from the perspective that, quality is not just the workmanship of the final product delivered but includes, the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities in your various processes that lead to the final product quality as delivered. Quality management training requires abit of commitment and simple forethought. Without the commitment of senior management and key personnel, the training will not be successful so consideration of these simple internal questions may assist your organization: 4-step-questionmark

  1. What are some of our current management system’s problems that we would like to reduce or eliminate?
  2. What are your company’s expectations for the training provided?
  3. How would your organization prefer to receive the training instructor lead, in-house, or web e-learning for ease of use, flexibility and cost control?
  4. Do we know who should be trained such as which, executives, managers and key employees and what their background knowledge is on quality management systems?
  5. What training window (within a week, over one to three months, or longer) would best allow your organization to learn the course material?

Once a small amount of thought is given to the aforementioned questions, then it is important that a client considers if “We need a lesson plan…” so that multiple quality management courses can be provided to the organization as a suite of training topics over time. Quite often as clients begin to choose our quality management training courses, they request that multiple courses be included in a lesson plan for their organization. In some cases depending on the prior knowledge level of the audience, we may also recommend a Quality Management System Awareness and/or Executive Overview Course first.

We are proud to offer our customers the following quality management skills courses.

Whether it’s business skills, office productivity or quality management system training that your organization needs, having your company educated via a quality management system overview or awareness course sets the proper stage for understanding advanced quality management training.

Download our e-book on Improving the Corporate Office: Why Executives, Managers and Employees Should Use Office Productivity Skills Training (Corporate Office Series – Book One), and learn more on how we can help your company.

We invite your organization to learn more about the next step in using quality management training to establish or further improve your management system and drive continual improvement.

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