Turnkey QMS Certification Support

Our Advantages that make your Registration Initiative Successful

Talent Management

puzzle-pieces-on-the-wallAdvantage one, Using a quality management consultant and training organization that provides turnkey services eliminates the difficulty of maintaining your core business functions while tackling the task of becoming a quality management system certified firm.

Advantage two, Employing one of our professional process coaches means your organization has dedicated mentor who is aware of the latest standards updates, and the proper interpretation and implementation of the international standards. This can substantially lower the overall time and cost of becoming an ISO certified organization, and leaves your staff free to carry out 92% their daily assigned responsibilities while still contributing their focused effort.

Without this approach, leaving your organization to define your quality management system and certification plans will create a major undertaking that would divert employees from their primary tasks for many extended periods of time. ISO 9001:2015, TL 9000 and ISO 45001:2018, are among some of the most sought after certifications for some businesses. All three standards require the complete definition of all the processes, which make up a company’s quality management system, as well as how they are sequenced, and the interaction of the processes. ISO 45001:2018 is the Occupational Health and Safety Management System that demands equally detailed documentation of the company’s risk management plan in regard to employee health and safety.

Advantage three, Your assigned process coach will lead your company through the documentation preparation stage and ensure that your documentation is clear and complete, and enable your organization to succeed in preparing documentation that is adequate for the certification audit and also future registrar surveillance visits, which are a requirement of being a quality management system certified firm.

Accurate, concise and effective documentation of these business management systems can be a formidable task, best undertaken by a quality management consultant with your company.

Understanding of Teamwork

Prior to becoming a quality management system certified company, few businesses have defined process teams or steering committees that are fully trained in quality management system implementation or maintenance.

examine-compassOften the path to obtaining a certified quality management system begins with, senior management, or a customer asking the company to “look into” what it takes to obtain ISO 9001, TL 9000 or 45001 certification, without any concept of what that really entails. This is where the project can stop before it actually begins. If you need to learn more about what these standards are, then, please review our ISO 9001TL 9000 or ISO 45001:2018 information within our website. The complexity of creating a quality management system and putting it and all the compliance measures into place can be daunting and result in your company shelving the project until some future date.

Advantage four, Using our training and guidance provided by your assigned process coach, your ISO certification project is accomplished in a reasonable timeframe supported by affordable cost.

We provide a complete Statement of Work Proposal to allow your company to review your quality management system certification and training cost. Many QMS registrars are now also moving toward supporting ISO 45001:2018 which includes Risk Management activities for their customers.

Planning is also important in producing your successful quality management system certification result. To learn more about how we plan your quality management system certification project using our turnkey consulting services, we invite you to complete our request for service questionnaire, and we will contact your organization to discuss your needs.

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