The ISO 9000 Group Training Service Attributes

training-laptopOur training services are geared around well-researched courseware combined with the latest tools and technologies to deliver a well-executed training course both online and also from within a classroom scenario. Both of our aforementioned training delivery methods are time-tested methodologies that enable us to deliver state-of-the-art training services customized to your unique business and employee training needs. Our training execution requires each participant to engage in acquiring knowledge with the goal of improving his or her skills and affecting their attitude and behavior leading to overall enhancement of individual employee performance.

Online Training Attributes

The ISO 9000 Group provides Online E-Learning Training (OLT), Onsite, Web Based Instructor Lead Training (WILT), and blended training services. Our enterprise solution is an “on-demand” system that is:

  • Easy to Use – Secure Firewall Login with Web Browser access to your training topics,
  • Growing – New training topics and learning plans are added regularly,
  • Reliable and Activity Proficient – 99 to 100% Uptime with redundant systems and unlimited bandwidth as also deployed by such companies and institutions as Google, FCC, Black and Decker and Chevron Phillips Chemicals,
  • Cost Conscience – Significantly Reducing the Fixed Cost of Training – Travel, Hotel, Car Rental, Instructor Time, Lost Employee Labor Hours, etc., and Online Training is 20% to 35% less than Instructor Led Training,
  • Dependable – Reliable user support ensures confidence with ease of use,
  • Efficient – Allows your organization to manage your training needs with one source instead of multiple vendors.

We are proud to offer our customers the following business skills courses. Don’t forget to review our current training offer.

Download our e-book on Improving the Corporate Office: Why Executives, Managers and Employees Should Use Office Productivity Skills Training (Corporate Office Series – Book One), and learn more on how we can help your company.

During our business skills training planning activities, our clients ask us to create specific lesson plans that add-value to their talent management efforts in conjunction with defining their human resources processes for continual improvement. We can do the same for your organization.

Classroom Training Attributes

keyboard-training-improvementThe ISO 9000 Group has trained thousands of students on various quality management system, business skills and office productivity topics via classroom training. We are client focused and try our best based on your organization’s particular needs, to custom fit your training experience.

In keeping with our training philosophy, our classroom sessions are always aimed at active engagement of employees. Over the years, our interactive training sessions have consistently received student ratings of Good, Very Good and Excellent from our clients.

We continue to strive to meet or exceed our customer’s needs. We use innovative techniques combined with time-tested pedagogy that includes interactive teaching methodologies such as:

Case Studies: We choose live case studies from within our quality management system and consulting experiences, and also your operational history as applicable; to make the learning experience more meaningful and current. This helps the employees relate to the issues at hand and participate with an active solution based approach.

Workshops: We use this methodology for specific training requirements focused on a specialist group of employees. These sessions have proven to be extremely helpful when working to enhance business processes within a targeted business unit. We also place a lot of importance on leadership and teamwork to make the workshops more conducive to your unique requirements.

Training Games: Another tool in our training pedagogy is our interactive team games that are geared to promote lateral thinking, improve team cohesiveness, identify future leaders and work at a more generic level.

Business skills’ training is considered by many senior management teams to be an important foundation for their organization’s quality management system. Find out how this benefits your company before, and after your certification audit.

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