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Continuing education is a fact of business life in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving global marketplace. The speed and diversity of methods with which information is transferred and implemented by technically savvy organizations is awe-inspiring as well as intimidating to companies that have allowed their employee’s office productivity skills to become outdated.

icn-trainingCEO’s, salesmen and secretaries all need a repertoire of office productivity skills to perform their jobs. Human Resource personnel cannot effectively correlate, analyze and secure the massive amount of data used to achieve efficient talent management without using an assortment of software tools.

The documentation and document control requirements of every successful business operation demand an ever-increasing level of skills in managers and business owners. We often see that even the distribution and shipping staff needs to refresh their level of basic computer skills and the abilities to navigate today’s database and software driven applications in order to effectively maintain inventory records, and transfer supply and demand information to all relevant internal and external parties.

Our office productivity skill courses such as MS Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, MS Access, Word and Excel can be included with our business skills training courses such as Project Management and Conflict Resolution to create any customized training lesson plan for your corporation. Please contact us to discuss your training needs with regard to office productivity and business skills training. We will help your organization establish a suitable lesson plan for your staff.

With the normal demands on the small business owner’s time such as, sales growth, capital expenditures, financing and resources being among some of the greatest concerns today, online courses are often the most beneficial to them as well, although in today’s tougher economy even large, multinational corporations are making use of our e-learning to keep their executives and employee’s office productivity skills up to date and well honed.

Why a lack of solid office productivity skill training can hurt an organization

In the highly technological business environment that companies compete in today, employees that lack the ability to effectively utilize the computerized business applications cannot keep up with the demands made upon them. Business presentations, group internal meetings, corporate planning sessions and operational status meetings are expected to include up the minute data and present the information in a variety of formats. Some of the common problems facing corporations are mentioned below:

  • Today customer sales and marketing multimedia presentations also include compelling sights and sounds that require a working knowledge of MS Office, Adobe Applications, Excel, PowerPoint and sometimes even streaming data feeds as well.

Sales and Marketing professionals now need to learn or refresh their skills with regard to various office management suites and software programs so, they can be effective when critical business opportunities appear or the competition may deliver a better presentation and win the business opportunity.

  • Database management, spreadsheet manipulation, conducting research, correspondence and many other core business functions are routine for office workers around the world.

If an organization’s office staff fails to support the business with the timely information the business internally or externally could be perceived as having inability to meet the needs of the client and perhaps miss an important opportunity.

  • Failure to comply with any of the myriads of documentation and reporting requirements related regulatory requirements for independent third parties, state, federal, and other industry governing agencies correctly and in a timely manner, may also cause your corporation to incur regulatory fines.

An employee with well-trained office productivity skills can manage a large number of diverse duties in your organization, any employee that has not received training on using the office management tools available in your company’s business software suite will find themselves frustrated and under a great deal of stress.

Employee skill levels vary within an organization. However, consistent employee performance is needed to meet your organization’s administrative, design and development, sales and marketing, operations, shipping and distribution, customer service, quality assurance and regulatory needs.

If your employees are not well trained on office productivity skills this can raise or extend your business operating costs based upon unintended data entry errors, rework, lost business, processing delays and unexpected employee turnover as your employees’ struggle with work effectiveness and efficiency problems pursuant to no formal office productivity skill training process.

By supporting your corporation with office productivity training many benefits can be acquired for your organization no matter what your size may be.

  1. Improving internal and external corporate response time,
  2. Allowing numerous staff to truly be capable of doing more work,
  3. Fostering employee loyalty and empowerment,
  4. Raising the focus on work results – Accuracy and detail are improved, and your staff will trust and command your internal tools and process more,
  5. Improving corporate productivity by raising employee confidence in their personal knowledge, efficiency and skills,
  6. Creating an informed team of trained leaders that can mentor, assist and resolve workflow bottlenecks and problems,
  7. Creating better internal communication and speed – Silos of personal inadequacy don’t interfere with daily business operations and productivity,
  8. Eliminating the time wasted by your employees – Trying to figure out how to use the resources already provided by the company causing more lost time and less effectively completed work.

At the ISO 9000 Group, our online training system is designed with the advantages and attributes that allow your organization to create or leverage your talent management initiative properly. We invite you to learn more about why employee training should also include improving the employee’s computing skills.

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