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Knowledge and Skills to Achieve or Maintain Quality Management Certification
In order for the business to prosper in both recessionary and more successful economic times, it is imperative for organizations, irrespective of their business segment, to pursue ways to deliver knowledge at all levels within the organization.

One of the most effective ways for companies to do so is to periodically identify areas where their employees can use professional training to perform better in their given job profiles.

At the ISO 9000 Group, we believe that adequate training once provided leads to adept and proficient actions when combined with newly acquired knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) that are reproducible on any timeline before, during and after your company’s certification audit. This is the goal we pursue through the gamut of training services we provide.

We also adhere to the idea that, training as a tool to enhance employee relations and to foster a loyal, long-term relationship with the top performers. In this day and age, employee retention and professional development continue to be a growing concern for executives, managers and other employees regardless of the changes within the corporate sector such as downsizing, demographic and retirement changes.

Our Business Skills, Office Productivity and Quality Management courses will assist your organization in providing a talent management platform that will improve your business environment and assist your company in being more productive with less expense than what you may be doing currently.

Talent Management: A Problem to be Solved Today and Tomorrow

The ISO 9000 Group provides training services that address and fulfill various important bottom-line concerns and requirements in your organization:

we-guide-you-through-every-stepa) We optimize your human resources – To achieve your organizational goals using a proficient delivery system for training topics, which requires no travel, hotel, car rental and time away from your facility,

b) We increase your productivity – By reducing the tendency to depend on tribal knowledge, which creates gaps in your operations. So you fight fewer fires daily because globally more employees know what needs to be done and when it should be done,

c) We create a learning culture – Around your new or revised Quality Management System (QMS) initiating a long-term interest and involvement in Quality Assurance as well as Business Management Processes and Techniques,

d) We improve your organizational climate – Training and professional development builds or revives a positive environment as executives, managers and employees take new leadership tasks with newly generated teamwork and collaboration inside your company,

e) We implement best practices – Alongside your newly implemented or improved Quality Management System, ongoing training requirements as defined in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and the TL 9000 standard are met or exceeded.

We provide your organization with the proper training control enabling your company to:

  • Deliver Training – Training initiatives are provided addressing existing performance gaps with the most appropriate methods such as E-Learning, Classroom, Webcast or Blended approaches,
  • Assess Training – Organizational and Individual Competencies, Deficiencies and Training Needs using tools such as Online Testing, Survey and Feedback Instruments and Performance Management Reporting Tools,
  • Measure and Monitor Training – System level reporting allows your company to monitor your learning effectiveness as it relates to the newly acquired knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).

We invite your organization to learn more about our training service attributes and how we can cause a positive change for your company long-term, and also reduce your talent management expense.

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