TL 9000 Metrics

Helping to Reduce Product Life Cycle Costs

TL 9000 Metrics can be invaluable in helping to reduce the product life cycle costs in the development, production, and end of life stages. Due to the increased focus on reporting high Costs of Poor Quality (COPQ), TL 9000 Metrics provides the data essential to move through each stage of the Product Life Cycle.

By reducing the costs and time associated with the product life cycle phases, delivered products are of a higher quality and are available more quickly than before.

upward-trendsThere are five phases of each product life cycle:

  • Product development
  • Product introduction,
  • Product growth,
  • Product maturity and,
  • Product decline.

TL 9000 can help reduce the costs associated with each phase by tracking and reporting on all aspects of the product. Since the product life cycle is the entire development to decline of the product, any tracking and reporting, if done efficiently, can decrease the time-to-market. If a product has a product life cycle, then there are four things that must be present:

  • The product has a limited life. It is essential that the product life is reported accurately.
  • The product sales will progress through different phases, with each one posing a different challenge, opportunity or problem for the seller. By identifying these potential pitfalls early on, the product sales can be increased.
  • The profits from the product sales will rise and fall during the different phases of the product life cycle. As improvements or upgrades are made to the product, sales will rise and fall depending on the quality of the product.
  • The product will necessitate different design, manufacturing, and sales strategy dependent on the market and which phase of the product life cycle the product is in. A product life cycle is dependent on many factors, which can be measured, recorded, and tracked with TL 9000 Metrics.

With the use of the common TL 9000 Metrics measurements and proper tracking significant reductions in costs can occur over time. This is where TL 9000 will benefit the organization the most.

One of the largest benefits of TL 9000 is that management will know what to expect related to product performance results and conclusions from Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Production and Operations within your organization.

TL 9000 certification is an effective method of improving efficiency and product quality for organizations of all sizes. At the ISO 9000 Group, our process coaches are familiar with the TL 9000 Metrics and requirements, successful steps leading to certification including selecting a registrar and the proper training required to achieve certification to the standard.

One of the key steps in pursuing TL 9000 certification is to have an initial baseline evaluation performed; we can perform a pre-assessment as part of our quality management system support services and advise your organization where changes are needed to meet the current TL 9000 requirements.

TL 9000 also supports the organization’s goal of improving Time To Market (TTM), which is critical in the telecommunications industry. Please give us a call or complete our request for service questionnaire if your organization is in need of assistance with your TL 9000 certification plans.

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