Choosing Your Quality Management Consultant

Flexibility Is Important
Your quality management consultant should not have the one-size-fits-all approach to ISO 9000 certification. The consultant must be flexible and able to adapt concepts and strategies to your unique situation. For example, the quality management consultant will have to define, map, and document your quality management system. This process is different for every company and means creating and implementing value-added, simple methodologies for your unique set of opportunities. Your consultant will also need to be flexible to align the work preformed on your new quality management system with your proposed registrar for acceptance leading to successful implementation of ISO 9001:2015. To ensure the quality management consultant can accomplish this, it is important to ask the following questions during the selection process:

  • How would you verify the successful implementation of your work prior to a certification audit by our ISO registrar?
  • How would you involve our chosen registrar in the alignment and implementation of our quality management system?

Plan to Make Time On Your Side

We have heard about and worked with some companies that failed in selecting a suitable quality management consultant the first time. While this situation can be rectified, it is always a significant waste of your time and financial resources and is best avoided. Take the time to plan and prepare a strategy for selecting your quality management consultant for your ISO 9000 certification support process. we-guide-you-through-every-stepBy following our action steps, you will be better prepared to choose the right quality management consultant the first time. Remember that your goal is to achieve an ISO 9000 quality management system that is not only certified but also suits your company’s needs, and is properly bench-marked for improvement of its processes.


If you structure your quality management consultant selection strategy with this goal in mind, you are more likely to achieve the desired result. If you are seeking a quality management system consultancy and training organization that is flexible and client focused then, please, complete our request for service questionnaire, and we will contact your organization to discuss our services.

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