TL 9000 Certification Preparation

How We Can Help Your Organization
If your functional departments have adequate knowledge of the product life cycle, they are better able to predict each phase in terms of costs and time-to-market time frames. TL 9000 Metrics can give departments and management the tools to track and report on all phases of the product life cycle and keep the costs associated with it to a minimum, thereby increasing revenue. businessman-looking-at-success We can help your organization establish a TL 9000 quality management system for certification and by doing so; we can provide the key guidance and support that your organization needs such as:

  1. TL 9000 Knowledge – The requirements of TL 9000 are documented in the TL 9000 Requirements Handbook which contains a large portion of ISO 9001:2015 and telecom-specific adders. We can provide the consistent TL 9000 standards interpretation, adequate documentation and training for your organization.
  2. Help Your Organization Select a Registrar – The QuEST Forum recommends that companies that wish to acquire TL 9000 certification also work with a registrar to define the parameters of their certification early in the process.

We can help you evaluate and select a registrar that is a certified member of the QuEST Forum for conducting your TL 9000 registration audit. Additional certification support areas that we can assist your organization with include,

  • Help Your Organization Properly Define Your TL 9000 Scope of Registration Since the registration scope must be defined, many organizations find this task confusing and very time consuming. Some of the tasks involve choosing what product line, division, subsidiary or office you should obtain TL 9000 certification for, or if you should get the entire company certified.
  • Assist Your Organization in Selecting the Right Registration Elections Many registration options are available within the TL 9000 certification such as, Hardware (H), Software (S), and Services (V). An organization that chooses all or any combination of the options may experience additional cost and time related to their certification audit; therefore, the correct choice is important. In addition, depending on which registration elections are taken will define and predetermine the additional TL 9000 specific requirements (adders) that are applicable to your company’s certification effort. Certain product categories may require a specific registration option.
  • Guide Your Organization in Selecting the Right Product Categories After establishing the registration scope and election options, we can map your products and/or services to the correct TL 9000 product categories. TL 9000 has a hundred product categories covering the hardware, software, and service functions. Again, the selection here must be accurate and done properly.
  • Perform a Preassessment (Gap Analysis) Your organization should undertake a preassessment of your operations against the TL 9000 standard. We can identify any deficient areas and create the action plans to resolve the gaps.We can provide the allocated resources to put the right processes into place to allow your organization to align with the TL 9000 requirements and achieve certification. Our process coaches can conduct the preassessment per your scheduled need.
  • Schedule and Support your TL 9000 Assessment Audit We can define the amount of time needed to conform to TL 9000 requirements. This is done in combination with your selected registrar’s input; and our preparation of the overall project schedule. We also support your certification audit onsite to bring your organization through the TL 9000 certification audit.

We can help your organization with your desired Quality Management System Support Services with regard to your documentation and/or implementation needs. We can assist your company with services such as the following:

  • Mapping and writing processes,
  • Establishing documentation management systems for your records and drawings,
  • Training on TL 9000, business skills and office productivity,
  • Defining your design and development processes to meet the needs of your engineering activities and TL 9000 certification.
  • Establishing process and management system goals that are realistic and used as departmental objectives that will continue past certification and mature within the company.

establishing-confidenceSome clients would prefer to be lead through TL 9000 certification from top to bottom and partner with a consulting and training firm allowing the client to focus on their core business operations while also succeeding in completing a successful certification to TL 9000. We define this type of activity as Turnkey Consulting. We invite your organization to review our turnkey consulting services, and then complete our request for service questionnaire. We will contact your company to discuss our services and answer any additional questions that you may have. The TL 9000 certification process can be completed rather easily with adequately defined steps. The complete certification process can take 6 to 18 months, depending on the complexity and size of the organization, the organization’s maturity of their quality management system, the number of physical locations involved in certification and which product categories are chosen for TL 9000 certification.

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