Business Skills Course List

Many business owners and corporate executives may not have the time to think about business skills training and how to arrange an adequate lesson plan for their employees. They understand why it’s needed but have no consistent method of implementing a closed looped system that will accomplish many important aspects of employee development and talent management including:

  • Reducing training costs and improving employee performance,
  • Preserving the value of each employee and their effectiveness in their jobs,
  • Expanding and improving computing skills that the organization needs,
  • Improving the effectiveness of the work accomplished and,
  • Promoting and increasing employee job satisfaction in a meaningful manner.

If you would like to sign-up for a course please contact us at 1-800-686-2098 we will be happy to assist you in the selection of your course and answer any questions you might have. Corporate training plans are also available for all organizations.

We are proud to offer our customers the following business skills courses:

Course ID Course Title Description
BS4002WPLC Office Communication Learn non-threatening communication skills to establish clear intentions, provide assertiveness, and conduct effective questioning.  Improve your ability to give constructive criticism on the behavior of others and receive criticism on your own behavior positively.
BS4003LEAC Communication as the Leader Learn what the requirements of leadership are, how to communicate your suitability for the role, and how to communicate with those you lead.
BS4007ENHL Listening Learn effective listening skills and understand what people say, read their unconscious nonverbal messages, and get others to want to listen to you.
BS4008DIFP Communicating and Working with Difficult People Learn to deal with difficult people at the office and the many ways to cope and communicate with them successfully.
BS4009LEBM Business Meeting Effectiveness Improve your business meetings using our training, tools and information leading to more effective and productive meeting results.
BS4012PRNG Negotiation Learn the process and stages of negotiation and how you can use the key roles within the process. Improve what you do prior, during and after your negotiation efforts.
BS4017GETR Improving Relationships and Results in the Workplace Master how to get results when you have less authority and want to perform well in the workplace.
BS4018REST Teamwork and Results Learn how to create unity in a team setting. Improve your team’s performance and interaction, including leveraging not-thinking-alike perspectives to produce successful results.
BS4028MOVM From Management to Leadership Practice and learn the key skills of a consistent leader. Improve upon your the key leadership objectives: setting a goal, identifying what needs to be done, creating a willingness to cooperate, and bringing out the best in your employees.
BS4030TAKM Handling the Management Role Learn how to smoothly go through the transition from key player to manager and achieve good results.
BS4037MACP Managing Change Learn the types of issues that will face you and your employees, and how you can provide the proper guidance and support for your employees, enabling them to overcome the difficulties that will arise. Lead and be a true champion of your people.
BS4039DELP How to Approach Delegation and be Effective Learn key factors about delegation and how the knowledge of common delegating problems can help you become an effective delegator.
BS4042FACF Management Facilitation Learn and practice techniques to create the elusive synergy necessary for the successful completion your department’s project. This course provides resources that will help you become an advanced facilitator in the workplace.
BS4049MENM Manager Mentoring Skills Acquire expertise as a mentor that will benefit your staff, your company, and your own career.
BS4055COML Leadership with Communication Enhance your communication style ensuring it is effective e.g., positive, clear, concise, and to the point. Improve your verbal and nonverbal message consistency to get the best results in the workplace.
BS4062LECH Change using Leadership Skills Learn how a leader challenges processes, and uses their skills to deal with the attitudes and behaviors that accompany change.  Become acquainted with and breakdown the tasks necessary to successfully implement change within an organization.
BS4070PJMF Project Management Learn the project management process, control your work and complete your project deliverables on time. Enhance your fundamentals of project management to improve your team’s results.
BS4074TROC Closing Workplace Projects Master problem solving techniques that are used during the project management life cycle, and learn how to close your workplace projects effectively.
BS4075NONP New Project Manager Guidance Practice your project management skills and sharpen your transitioning to project management while enhancing your project monitoring activities and quality, maintaining control of a project, and problem solving and recovering capabilities.
BS4082SOPF Information Technology Service Principals Enhance your knowledge of how IT daily operations are managed to provide adequate organizational services.
BS4093ANES Providing Essential Feedback Learn to apply the key features of feedback within the workplace and overcome the barriers to giving feedback to your team on a consistent basis.
BS4095ENEE How to use Employee Empowerment Learn the various ways to cultivate employee energy as well as the reasons why it’s important. Master the role of communication to multiply the benefits of energized, empowered employees in your department, team, and organization and create desired outcomes.
BS4098PJME Working through Project Management Scenarios Practice and enhance your project management skills from project initiation to bringing a task through to completion and delivery. Test and improve your project management capabilities.
BS4100PROL Working with Project Stakeholders Learn to make appropriate project management choices, and what factors can influence project life cycle uncertainties.  Acquire the knowledge to better handle stakeholder situations affecting an organization and your project results.
BS4103EXEM Project Control and Closure Execution Sharpen your skills in project control and closure. Improve your ability to handle unforeseen events in the workplace project environment.
BS4110EFFC Team Communication Learn effective team communication skills focused on applying productive and non-judgmental approaches while harnessing constructive bi-directional feedback.
BS4114MIBL Business Law for New Managers Learn the new manager level aspects of business law and important strategies or supporting your organization’s ethical business practices.
BS4104PPRS Sales Preparation Enhance your knowledge of the corporate sale and how to prepare for resulting meetings and negotiations.
BS4105STRP Strategic Sales Approaches Learn how to use concise project management methods to plan for corporate sales.
BS4106PTCS Working with a High-End Sale Acquire guidance on high-end sales when the buying decision is solely made at the top.
BS4107PREY Giving a Practical Sales Presentation Learn to make a formal sales presentation which is adaptable to many situations improving your customer interaction.
BS4108NEGM Negotiating Learn the stages and rules that will gain you a win/win solution for your company and customer.
BS4109FROE Customer Account Nurturing Learn how to take care of major accounts and improve customer retention.