Employee Training Should Include:

Improving the Employee’s Computing Skills
Almost every office worker has some level of business skills that include basic computing, email management and the use of Internet browsers. Management degree holders’ graduate with experience in database management; spreadsheet operation and business writing skills that are current at the time of graduation but these skills can become outdated or lost over 3-5 years as research shows. We have heard in our own courses:

“I use to do that function the way you demonstrated”… Now I remember how to do that!

“That is the quickest way!” Why was I doing that my old way?

“That macro will save me hours of time with my tasks…”

Many business owners and corporate executives may not have the time to think about office productivity training and how to arrange an adequate lesson plan for their employees. They understand why it’s needed but have no consistent method of implementing a closed looped system that will accomplish many important aspects of employee development and talent management including:

  • Reducing training costs and improving employee performance,
  • Preserving the value of each employee and their effectiveness in their jobs,
  • Expanding and improving computing skills that the organization needs,
  • Improving the effectiveness of the work accomplished and,
  • Promoting and increasing employee job satisfaction in a meaningful manner.

Employee frustration and stress from pending or incomplete tasks can be reduced. Employee self-confidence and control is raised resulting from the office productivity training received. As a quality management system consulting and training firm, we can assist your organization in improving your office productivity results.

We are proud to offer our customers the following office productivity courses. Don’t forget to review our current training offer.

Download our e-book on Improving the Corporate Office: Why Executives, Managers and Employees Should Use Office Productivity Skills Training (Corporate Office Series – Book One), and learn more on how we can help your company.

During our quality management system consulting activities, our clients ask us to create specific lesson plans that add-value to their talent management efforts in conjunction with defining their human resources processes for continual improvement.

business-meeting-groupIf your organization is also considering quality management system certification and would like complete end-to-end assistance or specific project support, please also explore our Quality Management System Support and Turnkey Consulting section of our website.

We also invite you to learn more about our office productivity training benefits and how our office productivity training can improve your organization’s talent management platform of services. A hard or difficult working environment can be transformed to smarter working environment, and employee feelings are changed from being overwhelmed to a higher level of control and confidence in dealing with their daily workloads.

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