Clear and Complete Documentation and Well-Defined Records Matter

Within Your Quality Management System

There are many reasons we could think of why your quality management system documentation needs to be clear and complete with well-defined records. However, when breaking down those reasons into their simplest terms it comes down to three important points for consideration that also must be understood when the initial quality management system is being defined and established:

  1. businessman-on-a-beach-clarityConsistent and clear communication of your product, process and management system requirements
    Universally it is accepted that the type and extent of the documentation should always depend on the nature of the organization’s products and processes, also adequate consideration should be given to the degree of formality of communication systems inside the organization and the organizational culture.
  2. Consistent objective evidence that your organization’s management system is working
    Customers, auditors and your internal staff will find consistent compliance, and have a higher degree of assured confidence in your organization when they see that your organization’s objective evidence is consistently reflective of what was planned, required, and implemented by the organization in accordance with your real-time operations.
  3. To harmoniously disseminate company knowledge with regard to your organization’s best practices and experience that has proven to be most beneficial
    By preserving and providing uniformity of information and requirements your company creates a faster and more consistent deployment of product or process information. This gives your employees a smoother road to achieve the desired job performance and product quality the company needs.

An example of this point is when your engineering staff needs to produce a product design specification. The engineers need to have a uniformly accepted design specification template or layout, with the desired critical design requirements somewhat predetermined for implementation such as, material finishing, critical dimensions, power attributes, electrical or optical parameters already established.

This type of forethought and planning within your documentation would reduce any unnecessary recreation of the aforementioned requirements in an inconsistent manner, and would make the company more consistent and effective in controlling the expected job results. In addition, this practice reduces the chance that an important set of requirements could be skipped or omitted later or, perhaps causing the product not to proceed properly through its intended design a development review gate.

Our implementation services may be just what your organization needs based upon changes that have taken place inside your business that affect your existing quality management system, or you may have encountered failed attempts to initiate a quality management system in your company.

We also invite you to learn more about why implementing a quality management system for many busy Small to Medium Enterprises and even large corporations is not so easy while running the business and how we can help your organization.

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