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Business Skills Training an Important Foundation for Quality Management Systems
The benefits of investing in training managers to be effective leaders far outweigh the cost of either classroom or online courses. Talent management strategies and quality management certification requires that employees be trained on how to perform the required duties of their position, which has spurred the development of a wide range of courses which we offer in a classroom environment as well as online.

looking-up-at-skyscrapersCorporations that have implemented structured business skill training programs for their current employees and also become registered to ISO quality management standards enjoy many benefits including achieving marked improvement in financial performance, as well as expanded markets and higher employee retention according to UCLA researchers.

Standardized education of employees throughout the company in the business skills required to do their jobs well improves the consistency with which high quality output is produced and saves time and money in both labor and material costs.

With the availability of courses and programs online, corporations of any size and in any location can offer their workforce the training that can improve quality management, customer satisfaction, employee potential actualization and the corporate bottom line.

An Effective Leader Makes a Difference

An effective leader can improve a company in a multitude of ways. To get the best production from their managers organizations need to have managers that can create an environment that inspires each worker to do their best to achieve the goals set for them.

Before the 1990’s and even today still, it is not uncommon for a good worker to be promoted into a new management position with very little or no formal training in business skills. In many cases very little further investment may be made into the new manager’s development. However, the power was readily given by default of the newly assigned position.

business-puzzleOften before or by the time the manager’s orientation is provided, that new manager could find himself or herself mired in job details and assignments and end-up out of sync with their management peers and employees that report to them. This has a significant effect on the effectiveness of the organization, the manager and their employees.

A tremendous opportunity to create and leverage an atmosphere of cooperation and trust among the new manager’s peers and their employees was lost when it was needed the most, perhaps within the first three-to-six months of employment, and this initial effect could continue forward into the term of that new manager’s career as well. Does this sound familiar to you?

We believe an effective leader can improve a company and his or her team in a multitude of ways to name a modest few:

  • Creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness,
  • Providing business skills needed to make critical decisions at the proper times to achieve an atmosphere of cooperation and trust,
  • Preventing losses due to reduced productivity and employee dissatisfaction.

When a team leader is provided with adequate business skills training within three-to-six months of hiring or promotion; the organization has assured that irrespective of the recruiting and interview or promotion process the foundation to employee effectiveness is properly initiated.

The employee’s skills now include the ability to utilize proper timing when making critical decisions, adequate ability to listen and refine the ideas of workers, resolve conflict, operational problems and inspire their employee’s desire to excel.

Important Questions for your Consideration

  1. 4-step-questionmarkCould business skill training help your current organization?
  2. Could business skill training courses have made a difference while you were with your prior company at both the professional development and operational level?
  3. Could your corporation better manage some of today’s internal challenges if business skill training were provided to all of your employees?
  4. Could your organization strengthen and improve your employee development and talent management systems?
  5. Do you believe with your leadership and the employee’s new knowledge your organization could still find more opportunities to cut costs and improve your profit margin?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, we invite you to learn more about our business skill training. Business skills’ training also plays an important role in your organization’s effectiveness and quality management system. Learn what else your organization can achieve with our business skill training.

If your organization is considering quality management system certification and would like end-to-end assistance or project specific support, please review our Turnkey Consulting or Quality Management System Support section of our website for additional information.

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