Office Productivity Training

Improves Your Company’s Talent Management Platform

Our office productivity and business skills training when included in your company’s talent management platform of services will help improve the Human Resource department’s ability to prepare and solidify a career development roadmap for your experienced and motivated employees within the company.

Your quality management system can also receive a nice lift by adding value to your processes and products with our office productivity skills training as, your employees feel confident in their understanding of your company’s computer programs and internal processes.

When we examine Human Resources processes while consulting on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 or TL 9000 quality management systems for our clients, we often find that some of the most requested training directly from employees includes office productivity courses. Quite often this training is not considered as important by department management, but we ask your organization to consider…

How well is your work being done?

Are your employee’s office productivity skills really as effective as they need to be?

4-step-questionmarkAfter assessing your needs and arranging a lesson plan that would be effective, we find that better than 8 of 10 employees feel they can work smarter and faster because of learning the unknown aspects of a software program and the commonly used shortcut keystrokes, advanced program options, and other more effective methods for working with your software programs. Don’t take the gains from this level of employee training for granted! The soft skills of office productivity contribute to smooth management of the office environment. Managers also trained in our office productivity courses such as Time Management and business skills training such as Negotiation Techniques can resolve employee and management situations more effectively.

We are proud to offer our customers the following office productivity courses.

Happy, informed, empowered and loyal employees accomplish more as most studies have proven. Learn more by downloading our e-book on Improving the Corporate Office: Why Executives, Managers and Employees Should Use Office Productivity Skills Training (Corporate Office Series – Book One).

Benefits of e-learning of office productivity skills

When expenses related to training as a result of travel such as airfare, car rental, meals and hotel costs are eliminated, the cost to the company for personal development and talent management drops dramatically. Dollar considerations are not the most important measure of the cost effectiveness of online courses.

Equally important to the return on investment related to training costs is the effectiveness of the office productivity training. Our clients say they experience the following types of benefits from our e-learning office productivity courses:

  • business-growthReduced frustration and stress at not being able to fulfill or finish varying requests,
  • Employment self-confidence and a sense of well-being,
  • Ability to move quickly through our material and focus on the learning,
  • Ability to repeat the training as needed for reinforcement,
  • Ease of scheduling – Multiple options,
  • Training flexibility – Available when the employee’s have the time,
  • Course availability – Courses can be taken at the same time by a number of users,
  • Improved office performance and leadership as your newly trained staff are ready and equipped to mentor other team members that may follow on,
  • Reduction in the cost of training.

The advantages and attributes of our training system and methodology can help your organization succeed in initiating or improving your quality management system before or after your formal quality management certification.

The implementation of training as it relates to office productivity skills further allows each employee to be more consistent and effective in doing their daily job, it can also provide a solid foundation of support when combined with the On the Job (OJT) procedural and process training requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and TL 9000 quality management systems.

We invite your organization to learn some of the additional common sense reasons for improving your organization’s talent management platform of services, and how we can help your organization.

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