Quality Management Training that Goes Beyond Compliance

Building Long-Term Continual Improvement

process-cycleOur advanced quality management training can provide more than the knowledge and skills required to obtain and maintain ISO certification. Our training courses also support your company’s ability to carry the business management system forward into even long-term continual improvement. We believe that advanced quality management training courses should combine the teaching of the required skills and knowledge with the capability that allows the participant to lead an improvement team initiative, or resolve a problem by leveraging the knowledge and skills from our courses.

We offer within our advanced quality management training courses:

Six Sigma – A business discipline proven to improve business performance through management methods, which are fueled by data. The Six Sigma Process acronym DMAIC stands for the processes that make up the discipline. Our business management students are taught how to apply DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) aspects of variation in the business process in order to produce a measurable business improvement.

Lean – Lean is a structured and systematic way of recognizing and solving eight well-defined areas of waste within the business processes. Waste, as defined in the Lean sense of the word, is any non-value adding action in the process of getting the product or service to the customer.

Activities in your organization’s processes are examined with the goal of constantly improving the flow of the product to the customer. Learning how to apply the Lean methodology to the eight types of waste the system defines, is a set of business skills needed by many managers.

Benefits of our advanced quality management training

Reduce wasteful costs due to ineffective or redundant office processes, production machine problems or waiting for approvals from others, or even equipment events such as changeovers can improve satisfaction across the board from the employee to customer. Some of the benefits that our training can provide for continual improvement include:

  1. Identifying work not being done correctly the first time – pursuant to workmanship errors, incorrect engineering change orders or mistakes made that result in wasted materials,
  2. Removing extra processing – reducing extraneous motion and movement from processing as it relates to individuals, and transportation of product or information from one phase or place to the next be it materials, finished goods or paperwork,
  3. Reducing cost – reducing the tendency to finish a business quarter with extra inventory of materials or supplies,
  4. Raising process effectiveness – reducing overproduction events also from data input errors, ineffective order review and planning problems.

Knowing how to address the aforementioned problems, can lead directly to continual process improvement, increased productivity and the efficient use of business time, money, and resources. Equipped with the business skills gained in our training courses, executives, managers and employees become a valuable front line asset for the company. Problematic areas are recognized and systematic resolutions are put into place with documentation that can support reducing the opportunity for the same problem to occur in the future.

To train your entire organization through seminars located in brick and mortar classrooms, is prohibitive in some ways. The scheduling demands alone are enough of a deterrent to reduce the number of management personnel the training could be offered to in most companies. Traveling expenses of airfare, hotel, rental car and meals can be more than the cost of the training itself. These costs do not occur with our online quality management and business skills courses.

performance-improvementThese expenses are the most obvious of savings but, there are many other benefits such as:

  • Employees experience a heightened sense of value and recognition, when additional training is offered by their employer,
  • Quality management training reinforces the skills managers need to possess, and we can help your organization fill in any additional gaps your organization may have with our business skills and office productivity training,
  • Creates clear, confident communication up, down and also across the management chain when there is a shared language and business skill set,
  • Reduces the demand on time and resources, e-learning makes training the entire organizational workforce more practical, all executives, managers and employees, can be involved in our training programs without adversely effecting your business operations,
  • The business skills learned are applied and implemented quickly; access to the organization’s data is available within your company’s workplace while participating in our training services online.

The advantages and attributes of our training system and methodology can help your organization succeed in initiating or improving your quality management system before, or after your formal quality management certification. Our training services can assist your company in going beyond requirement compliance while building your business skills for continual improvement.

Our e-learning modules are available for a wide range of management topics, beneficial for your customer service, sales, engineering, quality assurance, production, or operations groups. If your organization is considering quality management system certification and would also like end-to-end assistance or project specific support, please review our Turnkey Consulting or Quality Management System Support section of our website.

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