Business Skills - Achieve & Maintain Certification

One of the most outstanding benefits of business skill training is an increased involvement up and down the management chain in your quality management system as employed by the company.

selecting-our-teamWhen every employee is fully aware of how their actions and duties contribute to the accomplishment of your corporate objectives the organization’s documentation is better, process control and workflow improve and fewer nonconforming products are made.

The implementation of standardized training as it relates to business skills further allows each employee to be more consistent and effective in doing their daily job, it can also provide a solid foundation of support when combined with the On the Job (OJT) procedural and process training requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and TL 9000 quality management systems. Our e-training courses currently available include, testing and reinforcement exercises which, provide the objective evidence that the employee has gained the newly acquired knowledge and skills to match with the training covered in the course, which meets the standard quality management system employee training requirements.

The proper handling of your daily operational challenges and quality management system data by knowledgeable leaders assures effective modifications to systems will be made in a timely manner that will improve the corporation’s workflow and maintain output quality. Troubleshooting calls and fire-fighting events decline over time when employees have the skills and information needed to handle problem resolution in their respective areas of expertise on their own. Providing the education needed for each employee to do their job effectively can be the smartest thing a corporation can do.

Classroom and e-learning affects your company’s effectiveness and efficiency

When the training of employees is not completely dependent on the willingness or teaching ability of a co-worker, the quality of job training becomes more consistent. Classroom and e-learning provide the standardized delivery of information to every employee. So what’s the main reason that e-training provides one the most effective and efficient ways of providing corporate learning?

time-managementThe answer lies in the need to ensure your corporation uses time wisely. The immediate availability of online courses makes it the most time efficient training option, and the cost of airfare, hotel, car rental and meals can be eliminated when e-learning is utilized. Self-motivated individuals often prefer this learning vehicle while others do better in a classroom environment. Acknowledging the learning preference of employees is important. On-site classroom sessions are often offered as an option to our online courses. While the initial costs may be higher for onsite training courses the long term return on investment is still very good.

When training is delivered in a non-uniform format your staff learns slowly and the assimilation is not reinforced by follow-on subjects that fit into an overall lesson plan for long-term employee development and growth. In addition to providing direct e-learning courses, we also create specific lesson plans that can be implemented within your ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and TL 9000 quality management system and daily operational activities.

Universal business skills taught in a uniform format assures that every manager is given the same information and trained in the same way, which improves understanding across the organization. Our e-learning modules are available for a wide range of management topics, beneficial for your customer service, sales, engineering, quality assurance, production, or operations groups. By employing structured education programs a company fulfills employee-training requirements of their quality management system, and is that much closer to realizing all the benefits associated with being a certified and compliant corporation. Learn more about why e-training on business skills is cost effective and also reduces the cost of talent development within your organization.

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