Turnkey QMS Certification Support:

Our Advantages that make your Registration Initiative Successful

Client-Focused Guidance

establishing-confidenceAdvantage nine, Our quality management system process coaches can take your company through the labyrinth of defining your business processes, outlining their sequence and defining the interplay between them properly. We understand and use documentation approaches that add-value to your QMS and provide opportunities for reducing cost, raising efficiency and making your quality management system easy to maintain. Clear and complete documentation makes a difference in your quality management system certification success. We have helped many company’s achieve quality management system certification over the past years. We understand that without adequately trained personnel, no quality management system will be utilized and optimized to be effective.

Advantage ten, Your assigned process coach will plan, drive and participate in the quality management system implementation stage of your turnkey quality management system certification support process. This means, we will prepare and deliver your company’s ISO training and On-The-Job (OJT) process procedural training. Our additional training courses cover more than quality management and can also be purchased and placed into a customized training program for your company.

Advantage eleven, Internal quality audits are part of your ongoing monitoring and measurement functions of your quality management system and its resulting effectiveness. We understand how important internal quality audits are, and we will prepare, plan, and implement your company’s internal quality audit system. We will properly train your company’s staff in internal quality auditing to ensure that your company can monitor your quality management system and achieve certification.


Subcontracting your organization’s quality management certification and training support functions has become a method many companies use to reduce costs, and it’s considered one of the smarter ways to sustain performance and also manage talent well in today’s business environment.

Advantage twelve, When it’s time for your certification audit with your chosen ISO registrar, we provide onsite certification audit support as included within our Statement of Work Proposal because, we want you to have the highest level of confidence and resources available to succeed in your goal of having your company and quality management system certified. We like to see our clients through to the finish line… The cost of this support is also included within our Statement of Work Proposal.

Advantage thirteen, It is not enough to develop and launch a quality management system to keep your company registered as an ISO certified firm. After an external auditor has confirmed compliance with your chosen standard, and your quality management certification is achieved, your assigned process coach can assist with the continuous maintenance of your quality management system. Please review our implementation services to understand how we can further help your company at this stage of your business cycle with your quality management system.

Advantage fourteen, We believe ongoing training of your executives, managers, supervisors and employees will further support your future QMS improvement initiatives through multiple quality management system recertification cycles. To further support this need, we also offer advanced quality management training.

Quality Management Certification on your Schedule

With the help of a quality management training and consultancy firm, quality management certification can be achieved in accordance with your corporate plan and in the timeframe outlined at the onset of the project:

  • False starts and expensive misinterpretations of the standards are avoided.
  • A quality management training and consultancy firm can ease the burden of gathering, designing, creating and implementing the quality management certification standards applicable to your industry.
  • Your organization can begin reaping the benefits of being a recognized ISO-registered firm much faster than if you proceeded without the expert assistance of a quality management consultancy and training firm.
  • The additional insights gleaned from the in-depth examination and documentation of your business process can be used to streamline operating costs, and improve productivity as well as ensuring consistent product quality.

The various management systems such as ISO 9001:2015, TL 9000 and ISO 45001:2018 have proven to be invaluable tools for the management of your product, processes, health and safety and quality management system. The functional areas in many companies that, quality management systems requirements and certification have contributed the most to include, quality assurance and quality control, design, production, sales and marketing, procurement, distribution and shipping.

We have helped many organizations achieve quality management certification through our turnkey services and training. Our approach is fully adaptable to meet the unique needs of your organization, and we will work with you to develop a strategy that works. We invite your organization to complete our request for service questionnaire, and we will contact your organization to discuss your needs.

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