Turnkey QMS Certification Support:

Our Advantages that make your Registration Initiative Successful

Planning and Preparation

Advantage five, During our initial turnkey quality management system certification support planning steps, our process coach will use our own preassessment to determine your current QMS baseline. We also discuss your company’s current scope of services, and your alignment to the prospective quality management system certification model for registration. Our process coach will also establish the proposed agenda for your preassessment, which later you will approve and confirm before we come onsite.

Advantage six, During your preassessment, your assigned process coach will review the currently established processes within your organization and define your key findings, that we recommend your organization should accomplish before you can pursue ISO certification. Most of our process coaches are, or have served as lead auditors in their career with certification registrars, and are professionals at reviewing companies like yours. In some of your situations and functional areas adequate and more formal, documentation of the existing policies and business processes is needed, while in other functional areas extensive documentation and records development may be needed.

Advantage seven, Your assigned process coach will recognize each area’s strengths and weaknesses in this initial project-planning phase. A debriefing is held to discuss your preassessment results and findings, and to establish your next sequence of action steps with us. Equally, as important in the first stage of planning is also establishing your functional area ISO Champions, that will be responsible for working with our process coach(s) to complete your QMS documentation exercises. We will ask your organization to define briefly for us, the skill level of the individuals’ chosen as your ISO Champions, with regard to their process awareness and ability to work with our guidance as a team, before you approve our process coach to come onsite and work with your company.

Advantage eight, We then help your organization determine your best-fit certification registrar of your choice, to conduct your quality management system audit, once we have completed all of your defined implementation tasks. Our goal here is to establish an early-on value-add partnership with your chosen registrar that will be fair and constructive, and your organization will also feel that you have earned your certification, and the certification audit was not too easy or onerous.

Some registrar organizations are best known for working with certain standards and also covering specific industries better than others, although many are now universal. There are different ISO standards written specifically for certain industries, such as:

  • TL 9000, which defines the quality standards for all aspects of creating, building, deploying, installing and upkeep on telecommunication products and service
  • ISO 14000, which addresses environmental management systems
  • ISO 45001, which addresses employee health and safety

We prefer to guide you in the review of the proposed registrars and their selection so, we start this process early before your quality management system implementation work is completed, which gives your company adequate time to review the registrar’s certification proposals properly, and also schedule preferred service provider site visits as needed.

We invite you to discover more about our client-focused guidance and final result advantages that we leverage to produce your successful quality management system certification.

If you would like to receive a Statement of Work Proposal from us, and allow us to discuss our services further with your organization, please complete our request for service questionnaire, and we will contact your organization.

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