Quality Management System Documentation Support

Common Concerns

Documentation is an essential aspect of any ISO Certification endeavor. No system is complete without a set of documents that effectively map to the company’s overall processes and defines your organization’s Quality Management System (QMS) methodology. Documenting your processes is of vital importance as it fulfills a primary goal of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, or TL 9000 Quality Management Systems, which is to bring to the table workable consistency and control for your business processes.


The ISO 9001:2015 standard still requires an organization to identify, manage, control and improve the key business processes within the organization.

Clear and complete documentation is one of the central tools used to achieve workable consistency and control. How is this so? The answer lies in the fact that by documenting your processes and procedures and also circulating the same to all involved personnel within the company, the organization has taken one of the right steps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows exactly where to find your key operational guidance and instruction for your operations.

This is partially how a sense of consistency and control is achieved.

Once adequate training is provided, the organization begins to reduce “tribal knowledge controls” and errors of omission due to partial understanding among employees within the organization. Since quality management systems certification gained traction in the 1990s most companies do understand how crucial the documentation stage is in preparing for quality management certification. Many companies still are not able to give the documentation stage the full time and effort the process deserves. Common management concerns often include:

  • time-managementThe documentation process caused operational time constraints,
  • We don’t have the full time availability of our staff to devote to this project,
  • Overall labor cost and lost revenue from trying to do it ourselves was too significant,
  • Internally, our organization doesn’t have the certification experience to decide what to document and how much to document.

Our company minimizes the previous concerns; and reduces your cost of getting certified while keeping your employees free enough to focus on your core business. With our help, your quality management system documentation is adequately defined and documented, and receives the proper support that leads to certification success. We invite you to learn more on how we can step in and make your quality certification effort easier and successful the first time.

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